Girl group XG to 'break down stereotypes' with new single 'Woke Up'

Girl group XG [XGALX]

Girl group XG will release its fifth single, “Woke Up,” on May 21, right after kicking off its first world tour in Osaka, Japan on May 18.

“Woke Up” is the group’s first music release in five months after its digital single “Winter Without You” dropped in last December.

A promotional image for the group’s comeback, featuring teeth grills with the letters X and G, was uploaded to its social media pages on Wednesday.

Teaser image for girl group XG's upcoming single, ″Woke Up″ [XGALX]

“’Woke Up’ was made with XG’s philosophy of breaking down stereotypes,” Jakops, the group’s chief producer and CEO of its label, XGALX, said in a news release Thursday.

XG, which stands for Xtraordinary Girls, debuted in March 2022 with the single “Tippy Toes.” The girl group consists of Japanese members Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Maya, Juria, Cocona and Amy Harvey.

XG will embark on its first world tour, “The first HOWL,” this year. Its May concerts in Osaka and Yokohama will be followed by dates in Bangkok, Thailand; Seoul; Kuala Lumpur; Singapore; Manila, the Philippines; and Taipei, Taiwan. The tour will stop in North America in October and Europe in November.

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