Han So-hee and Jun Jong-seo to star in upcoming series 'Project Y'

Actors Han So-hee, left, and Jun Jong-seo [9ATO ENTERTAINMENT, ANDMARQ]

Actors Han So-hee and Jun Jong-seo have been cast as leads for the upcoming series “Project Y” (tentative title), production companies Climax Studio and Wow Point said Monday.

“Project Y” is a noir series that follows two friends of the same age who steal a gold bar worth 8 billion won ($5.8 million) and have to deal with the events that follow afterward.

Han is best known for her roles in the Netflix series “Gyeongseong Creature” (2023) and “My Name” (2021). Jun has starred in the film “Burning” (2018), Netflix film “The Call” (2020) and Tving series “Bargain” (2022).

“Project Y,” helmed by director Lee Hwan, is expected to start filming in the latter half of the year.