Netizens raise questions about actor Han So-hee's educational background

Actor Han So-hee [NETFLIX]

Actor Han So-hee was recently caught up in a controversy involving her educational background.

In a 40-minute episode of “Nattering With Nah,” a casual interview show on YouTube with producer Nah Yung-suk, uploaded on Jan. 13, Han claimed that she “got accepted to a school in France but was not able to attend” due to financial reasons.

“You can get your [student] visa only if you prove that you have 60 million won [$43,000] in your bank account,” she said on the show, adding that she didn’t have that much money at the time.

This statement raised suspicions among some netizens who insisted that such a high bank account balance is not needed to obtain a student visa in France.

Han’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, told local media outlets on Tuesday that Han did indeed get accepted to a French university but ultimately did not attend.

“Being a private matter, we are not able to share the details, but everything actor Han So-hee said in the video is true,” the agency told CBS Nocut News on Monday. It also added that there “is no proof of acceptance as it has already been 13 years since she got accepted.”

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