Hong Seok-cheon calls to end discrimination in new digital single 'K Top Star'

Cover of Hong Seok-cheon's new digital single "K Top Star" [E+PRO]

Hong Seok-cheon's new music calling to end discrimination was released Thursday.

Under his stage name Top G, Hong's new digital single is titled "K Top Star."

With a rhythmical tune reminiscent of the disco genre of the '70s and '80s, the song relays the central message of overcoming the hardships by coming together and dancing.

Hong's new single especially highlights the difficulties that many small business owners faced during the Covid-19 pandemic, as the music video displayed streets of Itaewon in Yongsan District, central Seoul, that are regaining their vitality.

It also emphasized equality for same-sex couples as the music video featured New Zealand diplomat to Korea Phillip Turner and his partner Hiroshi Ikeda. Turner was the first foreign diplomat to visit the Blue House with a spouse of the same gender.

Renowned dancer-choreographer Lia Kim directed the choreography for the song. Rising rookie producer Dulgi produced the music, and Queen WA$ABII featured in the single.

Queen WA$ABII is a singer, rapper and DJ who debuted in 2019 with the single "Look At My!"

"K Top Star" was temporarily made available through non-fungible tokens in March.

Hong Seok-cheon is one of the very few Korean celebrities who are openly gay in Korea. He was the first celebrity to declare himself gay when he opened up about his sexual preferences in 2000 on the set of a variety show. His remark was edited out the program but was made public through local news outlets, which Hong later confirmed as true.

Hong debuted as a comedian in 1995. He is most well-known as a permanent panelist on dating talk show "Witch Hunt" (2013). He has experience acting as well, making special appearances in "Fashion King" (2014) and "Mission Possible" (2021). Hong is also a restaurateur. He used to own seven successful restaurants in Yongsan District, but due to the sales drop from Covid-19, all but one have been shut down.