Human-AI boy band Superkind in search of new member through audition show

Boy band Superkind [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Superkind is searching for a new member through an audition show, the boy band's agency DeepStudio said Tuesday.

Superkind is a seven-member band consisting of five human members, Eugene, Geon, Daemon, SiO and JDV — collectively called PRID — and two virtual artists, collectively called NUKE, Seung and Saejin.

The agency is recruiting aspiring singers, dancers, rappers and songwriters. Only those born in 2002 and after can enter the audition.

Superkind first debuted as a five-member band in 2022 with its single "Watch Out" (2022), consisting of four human members — Daemon, SiO, Eugene and Geon — and one virtual member Saejin. Members JDV and Seung later joined the band. Its latest first EP "Profiles of the Future (Λ) : 70%," released on Oct. 18, was the first time for all seven members to participate in an album.

DeepStudio, the agency that launched Superkind, was originally a start-up specializing in computer vision and deep learning involving visual effects and artificial intelligence.

The poster for the audition recruiting the next member of boy band Superkind [DEEPSTUDIO]

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