'I tried to do a backflip and failed': Ampers&One members share their unexpected paths to stardom

Boy band Ampers&One poses for the camera during a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed. [CHO YONG-JUN]

Rather than being idols, Ampers&One members once dreamed of being soldiers, football players and chefs — one member joined the audition just because his parents told him to. But five months into the boy band’s debut, its members now hope to receive awards, hold fan meetings and travel together in the days to come.

“I auditioned because my mom told me to, so I walked in unprepared,” Ampers&One’s Mackiah said during a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed, recalling the first moment he stepped foot into being an idol. “Back then, I didn’t have much in mind,”

FanTalk 2, the second season of the FanTalk series, connects K-pop idols with their listeners by allowing the artists to answer questions from their fans.

Mackiah originally attended the audition with his sister. Out of the categories vocal, rap, dance and visual, he said, the two of them chose the visual category “just to end the audition early.”

After the audition ended, however, “they told us two to stay behind and we ended up dancing, singing and rapping without any preparation,” Mackiah added, making the other members of Ampers&One laugh.

Mackiah was “shocked” to learn he'd been accepted as a trainee a few days later. “I may have started because of my mom, but now I'm here with my bandmates,” the singer said, adding, “I love you, mom!”

Kyrell also claimed not to have prepared much for his audition. “I ran out of things to do, so I tried to do a backflip and failed,” he recalled, adding that “I think passion also matters a lot.”

Seungmo had no such experience; he was cast outside his school.

Boy band Ampers&One poses for the camera during a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed. [CHO YONG-JUN]

Fans of AMPERS&ONE also asked the band members what job they would’ve done had they not become an idol.

“I’ve dreamed of being a soldier or a football player — I've played a lot of sports since I was young, and football was the one I enjoyed the most,” Seungmo said, adding that he wanted to be a soldier because “it looked cool.”

Seungmo attended local competitions as an aspiring football player but gave up on his dream after crashing into another player.

“I saw him fly at least 3 meters [9.8 feet],” he said. “I, too, almost got injured.”

Kyrell dreamed of being an American football player, until he, just like Seungmo, had an accident with another player. Kamden wanted to be a chef.

“I think I’ll be happy just sticking around with food all day. But to cook the food to serve to the customers and see them happy and see them satisfied to the extent where they queue outside for my food, I think would be worthwhile,” Kamden said.

“I think you somewhat achieved your dream already, you are giving joy to the listeners of our music through your voice,” Seungmo clarified in response.

Boy band Ampers&One [FNC ENTERTAINMENT]

Ampers&One released its second single, “One Hearted,” on March 26, featuring lead track “Broken Heart” that details the experience of falling in love. Members explained that the song's title is a reference to their hearts, which are constantly beating.

“If you watch fancams for ‘Broken Heart,’ I think that’s a way you can heal yourself,” Kamden said.

The single also includes B-side track “Crazy Stupid Love,” which Seungmo said “is all about going a bit rogue at night.

“You get your freedom after a day is over,” the singer explained. “You start your day with fluttering minds.”

But out of the band's releases, debut lead track “On And On” has the most energetic score, according to the members.

“’On And On’ is a powerful song and it has an impactful intro; I think it has the power to kick-start the day,” Seungmo said.

AMPERS&ONE, less than a year old after debuting last November, also has a lot of goals for 2024. The usual suspects of improving vocal and rap skills, not to mention winning the Rookie of the Year awards, came first, followed by other, more unique ambitions.

“I want to improve myself until the point I can tell myself that I'm 'cool.' It might not be a goal I can achieve this year though; maybe in 2034,” Mackiah said.

“I want to hold a meet and greet and meet our fans up close. Maybe that's when we can show them some cover stages,” Kamden said, adding the he plans to participate in unit stages, dance stages and more.

“I want to travel with all our members. It could be overseas, but I don’t mean going abroad as an idol; I just want to have fun times,” Siyun said. “I've never gone abroad for fun.”

“I would love to go somewhere cold — where it’s filled with ice and glaciers,” Kamden added. “Maybe we can go see the aurora together.”

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Boy band Ampers&One poses for the camera during a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed. [CHO YONG-JUN]