'We still have a long way to go': P1Harmony prepares for its world tour

Boy band P1Harmony poses for the camera during a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed. [CHO YONG-JUN]

Packing for an overseas trip is a thing, but packing for your next world tour is quite another.

Members of P1Harmony — the boy band that kicks off its world tour "P1ustage H: Utop1a" this weekend — were somewhat divided on the items that would fill their suitcases in a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed.

"I always bring my pumpkin red bean tea," P1Harmony's lead vocalist, Theo, said, adding that he always drinks a bottle on performance days because he "feels like" it helps reduce swelling in his face.

"I don't know if it actually helps, but it feels like it helps,” he said with a laugh.

Fans of P1Harmony also had a chance to guess what Theo would bring. Answers ranged from neck pillows and medicine to downloaded videos but one guess was overwhelmingly popular: money.

"Oh yeah, we need a lot of money. That’s a must-have," Theo said. "Well, actually, I'd bring my cards. That's where my money is."

But above all, the six members agree on one thing: They want to bring their fans performances they will love.

Boy band P1Harmony poses for the camera during a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed. [CHO YONG-JUN]

P1Harmony is a skillful and energetic band — and it shines brightest during its concerts, where the six members are free to show their strengths without restrictions. The band held its first tour, “P1ustage H: Peace,” two years after its debut in 2022, performing in Korea and nine cities around the United States. The band expanded further with its 2023 world tour, “P1ustage H: P1oneer,” which stopped in five European cities as well as Korea and the United States.

FanTalk 2, the second season of the FanTalk series, connects K-pop idols with their listeners by allowing the artists to answer questions from their fans. The members of P1Harmony have a tight bond with their listeners, known as P1ece, whose fan letters they fondly recall and cite as inspiration for their music and lyrics.

"I had a fan who wrote 'I'm still not sure what love is, but as I think of you and as I value you, I can feel myself being shy and blushing. All those feelings combined together must mean love.' - that was a very memorable phrase," Intak said.

"One fan mentioned the phrase ‘selfish love’ and I think that was really memorable," Jeongseob said. "Maybe I can use that phrase in lyrics.” P1Harmony wrote the lyrics of the songs in its latest full-length album, "Killin' It," with Jongseob credited for all 10.

It's not just fans, of course. “I think I get inspiration for my lyrics writing from films,” Jongseob added. “Or like that period of time right before falling asleep; when you are just in your bed, eyes closed, without your phone. That’s when keywords pop into my head.”

Nevertheless, “I really hope our fans continue to send me new inspiration," the member said.

Boy band P1Harmony poses for the camera during a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed. [CHO YONG-JUN]

The band’s 2024 world tour “P1ustage H: Utop1a” kicks off in Seoul on Saturday and Sunday at the Olympic Hall. Naturally, P1ece were curious to know what to expect at the show.

“We’ve had a lot of questions from our fans regarding our upcoming world tour, and I think it shows how much you guys are looking forward to the concert," P1Harmony’s Keeho said in the interview.

“We are always thinking of stages that all P1ece can enjoy and stages that we can also pull off well. We are preparing for a concert that is filled with such performances, so I hope you look forward to it."

In a poll conducted by Celeb Confirmed ahead of P1Harmony’s FanTalk 2 interview, over 68 percent of the total participants answered that they wanted to see P1Harmony’s unit stages during the concert, rather than solo stages. Fans were split fifty-fifty on the cover stages they'd most welcome: 53 percent wanted to see P1Harmony sing girl group songs while 46 percent hoped for boy band covers.

Members were similarly divided. Keeho assumed fans might want to see both solo and unit stages; Jiung disagreed.

“I heard people say they wanted to see the unit stage that Jiung and I can pull off together or have me perform with Theo,” Intak added.

P1ece were also polled on the primary drive behind their love for P1Harmony between the members' humor and the members' handsome looks. Some 76 percent said the "funny" quality plays a bigger role — and the band is well known for its fun, and occasionally weird, appearances in reality shows and YouTube videos.

"I'll be leaving the dorm and returning to my hometown in Daejeon," said Theo, who had firmly believed that more fans would select "handsome."

"Skill should be the main reason why they stan us," Keeho said, adding that. "And you know what? Being funny is a skill in itself."

Despite some misalignment, the band thanked its fans for their interest and participation.

"I think we still have a long way to go with our fans," Keeho said. "Maybe we should hold an event where we can really get to know each other better."

"P1ece said they are only 60 percent familiar with us, and I think we are also only 60 percent familiar with our fans," Soul said.

"We both have a lot to learn."

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Boy band P1Harmony poses for the camera during a recent FanTalk 2 video interview with Celeb Confirmed. [CHO YONG-JUN]