IVE shows 'contrasting performances' with second EP 'IVE Switch'


Jang Won-young of IVE says the two lead tracks of the girl group’s second EP, “IVE Switch,” will not only show off the “independent and confident” side of IVE, but also the charming, mystical sound of the group.

“IVE Switch,” the group’s first music release in six months, dropped at 6 p.m. on Monday. The six-track EP consists of two lead tracks: “Heya” and “Accendio.” Jang is credited as the sole writer of the lyrics for track “Blue Heart.”

The members described the songs from “IVE Switch” as well as their training process for the EP through a press release on Monday.

Concept photos of IVE members for the group's second EP ″IVE Switch″ [STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT]

“A variety of new attempts were made in the production of the album to show off IVE’s multiple sides,” Jang said.

“In the case of the two lead tracks, the impactful ‘Heya’ is in a powerful hip-hop genre with lyrics that depict a fable, while ‘Accendio’ has a mysterious charm that casts a spell [on its listeners].”

“Much like how the mood changes as a light switch goes on and off, we will stage two contrasting performances with the double lead tracks,” member Liz added.

The members also made changes to their appearances in line with the new music. Member Leeseo thanked fans for their appreciation of her new choppy bang style, while Liz shared her anxiety of going without a front chop.

“It was awkward looking at myself, so I was worried if I would look good [in the teaser content], but I was able to gain my courage to try out new things thanks to the fans who said it looked pretty. Please look forward to the different styles that we have tried out for the first time in the new album,” Liz said.

IVE members for the group's second EP "IVE Switch" [STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT]

Ultimately, “IVE Switch” will show off one’s multifaceted sides, unlike the previous album which explored one person from multiple perspectives, according to member Gaeul.

“IVE will retell existing stories about love — such as fables related to the sun, emotions that bubble up when one faces love and the transformation through spells — with a more self-reliant attitude,” she said.

IVE debuted in 2021 with members An Yu-jin, Jang Won-young, Gaeul, Rei, Liz and Leeseo. The group is known for hits such as “Eleven” (2021), “Love Dive” (2022), “After Like” (2022) and “Off the Record” (2023).

The group is currently on its first world tour, “Show What I Have,” which will span 27 cities in total. Having finished its Asia and U.S. leg of the tour, the group is set to kick of the European concerts with a performance in France on June 4, before going performing in Latin America and Australia. The group will return to Japan for an encore concert at the Tokyo Dome for its finale.

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