IVE's Jang Won-young refuses to settle damages against YouTube channel

Jang Wonyoung from girl group IVE [NEWS1]

Jang Won-young of girl group IVE “is not settling” her damage suit against YouTube channel Sojang, according to her agency Starship Entertainment.

Jang and her agency Starship Entertainment separately filed civil suits against Sojang’s operator for spreading multiple false rumors about the singer in October last year. In January, a court sided with Jang and ordered the YouTuber to compensate the singer 100 million ($75,100) won in damages.
“We are proceeding with the lawsuit [against Sojang] without settlement, as we announced in our statement published on Jan. 17,” Starship Entertainment said Wednesday.

This was in response to an earlier news report made Wednesday that suggested the possibility that Jang may settle the lawsuit, saying “the Seoul Central District Court decided on Tuesday to refer Jang Won-young’s 100-million-won damage suit made against Sojang’s operator to mediation.”

Sojang, operated by a person only identified by the surname Park, has spread multiple false rumors regarding Jang, including claims that she'd been sued by another girl group member and that she'd been in a love affair with a male celebrity.

Starship Entertainment released a statement in January saying it was taking legal measures against Park, having filed both criminal charges and civil suits, since November 2022. Suits were filed not only in Korea, but also abroad, the agency said.

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