Jeonju International Film Festival to establish 'Work In Progress' category

Audiences watch a screening of an independant film at the 2022 Jeonju International Film Festival held on May 2, 2022. [JEONJU INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL]

The Jeonju International Film Festival is starting to distribute domestic independent art films overseas.

The organizing committee of the Jeonju International Film Festival announced Tuesday that it will establish a “Work In Progress” program to promote independent art films.

Through this program, the organizing committee plans to improve the quality of domestic films and strengthen its role as a platform for overseas expansion.

The program will be conducted in the form of public participation, and if the work is in the late stage of production, it is possible to apply for the program regardless of genre.

The works that participate in the contest will be introduced to filmmakers and leading international film festival organizers through previews.

If selected as an excellent work, projects can receive a prize of 5 million won ($3,935).

Details can be found on the Jeonju International Film Festival website.