Kim Nam-gil, Lee Da-hee, Cha Eun-woo, Sung Joon to star in new Tving series

From top left, clockwise: actors Kim Nam-gil, Lee Da-hee, Sung Joon and Cha Eun-woo [GILSTORY ENT, STUDIO SANTA CLAUS ENTERTAINMENT, THE WAY COMPANY, FANTAGIO]

Actors Kim Nam-gil, Lee Da-hee, Cha Eun-woo and Sung Joon will star in the upcoming Tving original series “Island.”

The show is based on the cartoon of the same name, published in 1997 by cartoonist Yoon In-wan. The fantasy action series is about a group of characters who are destined to fight against evil to save the world.

In 2016, the original was remastered to an online version via Naver Webtoon.

Kim is set to play the main character, who actively confronts evil. Lee plays a rich teacher and Cha is a Catholic exorcist. Sung takes on the role of Kim’s evil-demolishing partner.

The Tving series is scheduled to premiere in December.