Kim Soo-hyun shoots down Kim Sae-ron dating rumors

A picture uploaded by actor Kim Sae-ron, left, with actor Kim Soo-hyun on Sunday morning on Instagram [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Actor Kim Soo-hyun denied rumors about dating Kim Sae-ron that began Sunday morning when the latter Kim uploaded a picture of the two on her Instagram story.

Kim Sae-ron uploaded a picture of her face pushed closely together with Kim Soo-hyun on her Instagram account but deleted the story soon after. Followers posted the captured image, sending viral.

"Rumors about dating Kim Soo-hyun are not true," his agency Gold Medalist said Sunday.

"The picture seems to be taken when the two [actors] were signed with the same agency. We have no knowledge of Kim Sae-ron's intentions behind uploading the picture."

"We will take strong measures against any derogatory or malicious content that defames the actor's personal rights," added the agency.

Kim Sae-ron was signed with Gold Medalist until two years ago when she was fined 20 million won ($14,860) for driving under the influence and damaging several lampposts and guardrails in 2022.

Kim Soo-hyun is currently starring in the tvN Drama series "Queen of Tears" that began on March 9.

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