Kiss of Life to release first single 'Midas Touch' early April

Girl group Kiss of Life [S2 ENTERTAINMENT]

Rookie girl group Kiss of Life will release its first single “Midas Touch” at 6 p.m. on April 3, the group’s agency S2 Entertainment said Friday.

The single comes five months after the group released its second EP “Born to be XX” in November last year.

Kiss of Life will release its first single "Midas Touch" on April 3. [S2 ENTERTAINMENT]

The Roman mythology-themed promotional poster for the single was uploaded to the group’s social media pages at midnight on Thursday.

"An arrow-pierced heart reminiscent of Cupid, the 'God of Love' in Roman mythology, is featured on the poster," S2 Entertainment said through a press release.

“Midas Touch” was titled with the motif of Greek mythology, the agency added.

Kiss of Life debuted in July 2023 with its first EP “Kiss of Life.” The group's name is inspired by artificial respiration, aiming to breathe "life into the K-pop scene." The group has four members: Julie, Natty, Belle and Haneul.

The group won the Rookie of the Year award at this year’s Korean Music Awards.

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