Ko Woo-rim talks of group Forestella's support in marriage to Olympian Kim Yuna

Ko Woorim of crossover group Forestella talks during a Wednesday episode of ″You Quiz on the Block.″ [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Ko Woo-rim of crossover group Forestella expressed his gratitude to his group members for giving him advice on his marriage to Olympic figure skater Kim Yuna and for supporting him as he prepared for his nuptials.

Ko appeared Wednesday night on the tvN talk show program “You Quiz on the Block,” hosted by Yoo Jae-seok, in his first public appearance since tying the knot with Kim.

Ko had met Kim at the "All That Skate" ice show in 2018 before dating her and marrying earlier this year. Forestella had performed at the ice show on short notice at the time. Kim is a household name within Korea for her star status as a figure skating legend and as a public figure.

Recalling the meeting, Ko said during “You Quiz on the Block” that “Yuna came to our waiting room and said hello to me,” and “she said she liked our songs and that she had enjoyed our programs in previous performances. That motivated me to perform better. Maybe it was thanks to the song I performed during the ice show that we got together.”

Forestella members are all very friendly and supportive of each other, said Ko during the talk show. He said that the members spend nearly 360 days out of the year together and that they were incredibly supportive in his relationship with Kim, often offering advice.

Yoo, the host of the talk show, asked Ko whether he now goes home earlier than before since getting married. The Forestella members quipped up that Ko immediately goes home after practice sessions, to which Ko said that “I have someone waiting at home now, so I go early.”

Ko also expressed initial worries that his marriage to Kim may bring unwanted attention to his fellow members in turn, but said that “it is a happy event, my marriage, and my members told me not to worry too much.”

Ko and Kim tied the knot in October this year. Kim has retired from figure skating after winning multiple Olympic medals, the Grand Prix Final championship, the World Junior championship and the Korean national championships.