Korean celebrities donate to help victims of earthquake in Turkey, Syria

From left: Entertainer Jang Sung-kyu, singer Kim Jin-woo and rapper DinDin [YONHAP, NEWS1, SCREEN CAPTURE]

Korean celebrities are pitching in to help those affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday.

Entertainer Jang Sung-kyu said Wednesday through his Instagram that he donated 23 million won ($18,236) to the Korean Red Cross to be used as aid.

"I hope no one is harmed anymore," he said. "I pray for a quick recovery of the two countries."

Singer and actor Yang Dong-geun visited the Turkish Embassy in Seoul and met with Ambassador Murat Tamer on Thursday morning to donate 10 million won.

"I was heart-broken by the picture of the father holding the hand of his dead child," he said. "I send my condolences to the people of Turkey as a father myself."

Singer Kim Jin-woo, also known as Jinu, of boy band Winner, pitched in 10 million won to the Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association.

Rapper DinDin also donated 10 million won to the Korean Red Cross. Actor Yim Si-wan also donated 10 million won to the Korean Red Cross.

Volleyball player Kim Yeon-koung, who played with a Turkish team in 2011, has been urging others to join in efforts to help through her Instagram.