Korean documentary series 'Food Chronicle' to premiere on Tving on Oct. 20

The poster for Tving's upcoming food documentary series ″Food Chronicle″ by producer Lee Wook-jung. [TVING]

Producer Lee Wook-jung’s latest food documentary series “Food Chronicle” will premiere on Tving on Oct. 20.

According to Tving, “Food Chronicle” is an extension to Lee’s previous documentaries “Noodle Road” (2008) and “Wook’s Food Odyssey” (2015). In the new series, “Lee continues on with documenting the journey to find the connection between food and the history of mankind.”

In the upcoming series, Lee introduces three categories of food — wraps, flats and layers. Lee says any dish can fall under one of the three. Dishes like dumplings and tacos fall under wraps, pizzas and pancakes are flats, and sushi and sandwiches are layers. Lee documents the reasons for preference for these three types of food forms, regardless of culture, religion, race or geography. Lee traveled to 10 different countries for a year for the new documentary.

In “Food Chronicle,” Lee not only sheds light on the cooking process and the people who make the dishes, but the origin of different dishes under these three categories and why people began to enjoy them. Tving also warned viewers to watch out for extra watery mouths, as Lee used a 4K UHD camera to film the foods, presenting an appetizing visual throughout.

Lee began his career as a TV producer on KBS in 1994. For “Noodle Road,” Lee visited 10 countries to document the origin of noodles. The program received various awards both in Korea and overseas, including the renowned Peabody Awards, an equivalent to the Pulitzers, in 2008. “Wook’s Food Odyssey” is a grand project that attempts to trace the history of food and delves into the origin of bread, spices and meat.