Last of NCT's subgroup to officially debut in February


The last of NCT’s subgroup, NCT Wish, will officially debut in February, the boy band’s agency SM Entertainment said Thursday.

The new subgroup was formed through SM Entertainment’s audition show “NCT Universe: Lastart,” which aired from July to September last year in Korea and Japan. The show aimed to form a Japanese localized subgroup of NCT.

According to the agency, members include Sion, Riku, Yushi, Jaehee, Ryo and Sakuya, who will build up the band’s career in Korea and Japan.

The band’s name comes from the catchphrase “Wish for Our Wish,” embodying the aspiration to support everyone's wishes and dreams through the band’s songs and love, SM Entertainment said in a news release.

“The band is determined to become a ‘Wish Icon,’ sending strong hope and energy to all the music fans worldwide,” the agency added.

NCT Wish started its activities under the name NCT New Team as a part of its pre-debut activity. It held a pre-debut tour, performing in nine cities in Japan.

NCT debuted in 2016 under SM Entertainment, the band, with 26 members, is divided into four subgroups: NCT 127, NCT Dream, WayV and NCT Wish.

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