Latest Pinkfong Company film opens big on Netflix

Poster for ″Pinkfong Sing-Along Movie 2: Wonderstar Concert″ [PINKFONG COMPANY]

The latest kids' film from The Pinkfong Company made the Top 10 Kids Films list in 12 regions around the world on Netflix, the family entertainment company announced Friday.

“Pinkfong Sing-Along Movie 2: Wonderstar Concert,” which was released on Netflix in the fifth week of April, landed as the No. 1 Kids' Film in Ireland, No. 2 in the United Kingdom, Canada and Singapore, No. 3 in New Zealand and South Africa, and on Top 10 in the United States, Korea and elsewhere.

The film, first released in cinemas on Dec. 21, 2022, is a sing-along movie that revolves around the story of the Pinkfong and Wonderstar characters as they become superstar idols and hold a concert together. Some 14 songs, including The Pinkfong Company’s all-time hit, “Baby Shark,” feature in the film.

The special YouTube song playlist revealed upon the cinematic release of the film gathered 8.4 million views as of May, according to the company.

The Pinkfong Company is a global family entertainment company well known for its “Pinkfong” and “Baby Shark” children’s videos. The Baby Shark Dance video garnered 12 billion views. The channel had more than 75 billion cumulative views and 130 million subscribers as of May 2023.

The company launched the Pinkfong Baby Shark podcast channel on Apple Podcasts in collaboration with Apple last month.