Lee Je-hoon talks about upcoming documentary 'Another Record: Lee Je Hoon'

Poster of seezn's new cinematic documentary ″Another Record: Lee Je Hoon″ starring actor Lee Jae-hoon. [SEEZN]

"I am more nervous than usual for this press conference, especially because my name is in the title of the film," said actor Lee Je-hoon during the online press conference for an upcoming cinematic documentary about him.

Lee's film titled "Another Record: Lee Je Hoon" will premiere on local streaming platform Seezn at 6 p.m. on Thursday. The movie combines Lee's daily life, such as his conversations with his friends and Lee during work, with more cinematic scenes that convey Lee's imagination.

"I tried to show myself without any lies or embellishments," Lee said. "I especially wanted to show a more 'human side' of me instead of the actor side. So far in my career, I haven't had many chances to stand in front of the public and talk about myself and share my own thoughts."

The film's director Yoon Dan-bi said that she wanted to be part of the film because she thought it would be a fun and interesting project.

"I wanted to find new sides and faces of the actor that the public doesn't yet know," she said during the same press conference. "Lee Je-hoon has been a very private and rather veiled celebrity, so I myself was also curious to see different sides of him and hear his story."

The movie is expected to star a slew of celebrities, including Park Jung-min and Lee Dong-hwi, who are all friends with Lee.

"I had a lot of fun while shooting parts of the film with my friends," Lee said. "We didn't discuss in advance what we were going to talk about in front of the camera, and there was no script. We just casually talked like we always do when there are no cameras."

Lee debuted as an actor in 2006 through an independent film titled "Truth, Litmus." He is best known for his performances in movies such as "The Front Line" (2011), "Architecture 101" (2012) and "My Paparotti" (2013), and television series like "Fashion King" (2012), "Secret Door" (2014), "Signal" (2016), "Tomorrow, With You" (2017), "Where Stars Land" (2018), "Taxi Driver" (2021) and "Move to Heaven" (2021).