Lim Young-woong releases music video for 'London Boy'

Lim Young-woong in the music video for "London Boy" [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Singer Lim Young-woong released a new music video Wednesday for his first self-composed song.

The music video for “London Boy,” one of the two tracks on his double single “Polaroid” that was released on Tuesday, was released through Lim’s official YouTube channel.

In the music video, Lim is dressed in neat, dandy clothes with a new hairstyle and glasses to match the theme of “London Boy,” which is a bright tune about a boy strolling the streets of London.

Lim recently held encore concerts in Seoul and Busan after initial tickets for his tour “Im Hero” sold out in mere seconds.

Lim has been a trot sensation since winning TV Chosun’s hit audition show “Mr. Trot” (2020), reviving the music genre in Korea. Trot is extremely popular domestically, particularly among middle-aged and older Koreans.