LUN8's first subunit to release first single 'Playground'

The cover image for LUN8wave's first digital single ″Playground″ [FANTAGIO]

LUN8wave, the first subunit of boy band LUN8, will drop its first digital single "Playground" on Wednesday at 6 p.m., its agency Fantagio said.

The single signals the beginning of the subunit, consisting of five members —Takuma, Junwoo, Dohyun, Ji Eun-ho and Eunseop — from the eight-member band.
"Playground" is an 808-based hip-hop music, capturing the refreshing and free energy of the subunit, the agency said in a press release.

LUN8wave is a combination of the name "LUN8" and the word "wave," which refers to the waves that dynamically change without a fixed shape and indicate the aspiration of the new subunit.

LUN8 debuted on June 15 with its first EP "Continue?" under entertainment agency Fantagio. The band is Fantagio's first boy band in seven years after Astro. It has eight members: Jinsu, Chael, Takuma, Junwoo, Dohyun, Ian, Ji Eun-ho and Eunseop. The meaning behind the band's name is that it will bring light to its fans like moonlight.

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