Netflix announces first Korean medical drama series

Actors starring in Netflix's upcoming medical drama series “The Trauma Code: Heroes on call.″ From top left, counter-clockwise, actors Ju Ji-hoon, Choo Young-woo, Yoon Kyung-ho, Jung Jae-kwang and Ha Young [EACH COMPANY]

“The Trauma Code: Heroes on call,” Netflix Korea’s first-ever medical drama series, was announced by the U.S.-based streaming service on Friday.

Based on the popular web novel and webtoon “Trauma Center: Golden Hour,” written by ear, nose and throat specialist doctor Lee Nak-joon, the series will revolve around genius surgical specialist Baek Gang-hyuk, played by actor Ju Ji-hoon— known for his roles in the Netflix series “Kingdom” (2019) — who tries to transform the hospital’s trauma center.

Actor Choo Young-woo, who made his debut through the 2021 web drama “You Make Me Dance,” will be playing Yang Jae-woon, a rookie doctor under Baek, Yoon Kyung-ho, the actor behind “Itaewon Class” (2020) and “Intimate Strangers” (2018) will take on the role of proctologic specialist Han Yoo-rim.

Trauma center nurse Chun Jang-mi will be played by Ha Young, known for her role in the 2021 SBS drama “Now, We are Breaking Up,” and actor Jung Jae-kwang, who started in “The Roundup” (2022), will play resident Park Gyung-won.

The release date for “The Trauma Code: Heroes on call” is yet to be announced.

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