Onewe to make comeback with new EP in April

K-pop rock band Onewe [RBW]

K-pop rock band Onewe will make its comeback with all five members with an EP in April and two concerts in May, the band’s agency, RBW, said Wednesday.

Onewe will drop its third EP, “Planet Nine: Isotropy,” the band’s first music release with all of its members in a year and three months, at 6 p.m. on April 17.

Members Giuk, Dongmyeong and Harin released the four-track compilation “XOXO” in August of last year without members Yonghoon and Kanghyun, who could not participate due to their military duties. The two fulfilled their conscription obligations earlier this year.

Schedule for Onewe's promotional activities for the band's upcoming EP "Planet Nine: Isotropy" [RBW]

A teaser video for the EP and a schedule of promotional activities for its release were uploaded to the band’s social media pages on Wednesday.

“The term ‘Isotropy’ in the album’s name is defined as unchanging properties despite a change in state, and heralds Onewe’s new, evolved music that still maintains the band’s unique identity,” RBW said in a press release on the same day.

The band will also hold two concerts, titled “O! NEW E!volution Ⅲ,” on May 4 and 5.

Onewe was formed through KBS’s “The Unit” (2017-18), an idol audition reality show that sought to form K-pop groups made up of idols who had already debuted. The band released its debut single, “1/4,” in May 2019.

Its first full-length English album, “Gravity,” came out in January last year.

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