'Physical: 100' will return with bigger set, stronger contestants, producer says

Poster for the second season of Netflix's hit show ″Physical: 100″ [NETFLIX]

Netflix's hit reality television show "Physical: 100" will return on a bigger scale.

The U.S.-based streaming service announced on Wednesday that the production for the second season of "Physical: 100" had begun, with the producer of the first season Jang Ho-gi back in the chair.

"Physical 100," first aired in January, is a Netflix original show that featured one hundred contestants fighting for a crown to find the one with the "top physical shape." The show was the first Korean variety show to land on Netflix's Top 10 TV show chart in the non-English category upon its launch.

"We have decided to recreate the show from scratch, keeping only the catchphrase 'the search for the most perfect physique,'" Jang said.

"We are re-drawing our world, with a bigger stage, bigger than the two-football field-sized stage of season 1, inviting even stronger contestants that we were not able to invite last time due to circumstances," he added.

With rumors circulating that over a thousand people had initially applied to participate in the contest in its first season, contestants in the first season ranged from mixed martial arts player Choo Sung-hoon, Olympic skeleton gold medalist Yun Sung-bin, Olympic gymnastics vault medalist Yang Hak-seon to renowned YouTubers and former special force agents, fighting for the final prize money of 300 million won ($235,500).

Former snowboard cross national team player Woo Jin-young was the winner of the first season.

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