Police reveal actor Kwak Do-won had passenger in his vehicle while drunk driving


Actor Kwak Do-won was with another person while he was drunk driving last month, Jeju Provincial Police confirmed Friday.

Kwak was charged with drunk driving after falling asleep in his vehicle in the middle of a road on Jeju Island, according to the Jeju Seobu Police Station last month.

Recently, the station summoned Kwak and found out that he had dropped off a passenger after the pair were drinking together, then while driving by himself, fell asleep while waiting for the signal to change. It was at a one-lane road.

Kwak did not initially mention being with a passenger during the first investigation.

The police may review charging the passenger, who was revealed to be a non-celebrity, with abetting drunk driving and are considering sending Kwak’s case to the prosecutor’s office.

The actor currently resides on Jeju Island.

Kwak debuted in 1992 and is best known for his roles in films “Steel Rain 2: Summit” (2020), “The Golden Holiday” (2020) and “Never Give Up” (2022).