Producer behind hit series 'Physical:100' reportedly leaving MBC

Producer Jang Ho-gi [NETFLIX]

The producer behind the hit Netflix reality television show “Physical:100” will leave MBC, local media reported Wednesday.

MBC is one of Korea’s three largest traditional broadcasters and was one of the main production companies behind “Physical:100.” The series topped global rankings on streaming service Netflix, reaching No. 1 in more than 30 countries in February this year.

Jang Ho-gi had joined MBC back in 2005 as a producer for the current affairs bureau. He participated in productions such as “PD Notebook” and “Fake You Believed.” He has received multiple awards and accolades for broadcasting journalism, including the Asian TV Awards Best Documentary prize in 2014 for an episode of “PD Notebook.”

“Physical:100” featured one hundred contestants in “top physical shape” competing for the final prize of 300 million won ($235,000). The show has been tainted with controversies regarding a number of contestants being involved in criminal activities and accusations from audiences of rigging in the final episode.