Prosecutors seek tougher sentence for music producer Don Spike

Producer and composer Don Spike enters the Seoul Northern District Court in Dobong District, Northern Seoul, last September for a warrant review requested by the police.

Prosecutors are calling for a tougher sentence for music producer Don Spike's methamphetamine use.

Last week, the Seoul Northern District Court sentenced the 45-year-old, whose real name is Kim Min-su, to a three year prison sentence, suspended for five years, for using methamphetamine on multiple occasions.

The Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office is appealing the sentence, arguing that "the punishment sentenced by the court does not reflect the severity of the case," pointing out Kim’s two previous convictions for drug use, and the large amount of methamphetamine he was in possession of.

The producer and composer was arrested last September at a hotel in southern Seoul. He was charged with purchasing 45 million won ($36,000) worth of methamphetamine on nine occasions from December 2021 and using it on 14 occasions.

At the time of his arrest, Kim had 20 grams of methamphetamine on his person, or the equivalent to 600 uses.

Kim plead guilty to the charges of purchasing and using methamphetamine on multiple occasions during a trial held on Dec. 6.