Psick Univ draws backlash over 2019 video mentioning the Burning Sun scandal

Critics claimed a Psic Univ thumbnail had been arranged to cover parts of the Psick Univ logo in a way that made it appear to spell a profane phrase. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

YouTube channel Psick Univ continued its losing streak on Tuesday after online users unearthed a thumbnail mentioning the 2019 Burning Sun scandal, marking the latest controversy in a series of consecutive mishaps for the comedy trio.

The thumbnail read “Chaotic Debate: What if my girlfriend goes to the club?” and included images of two of the channel's hosts. Users claimed that the graphic was tied to a now-deleted YouTube video titled “My girlfriend at Burning Sun?” that the trio — Lee Yong-ju, Jung Jae-hyung and Kim Min-su — had posted previously.

The title mentions the 2019 Burning Sun scandal, which involved sex solicitation, illegally filmed sex videos and corruption among celebrities, entrepreneurs and law enforcement. The scandal drew renewed attention following Sunday's release of hourlong BBC documentary “Burning Sun: Exposing the Secret K-pop Chat Groups.” Netizens believe that this usage of the scandal was inappropriate and over the line.

Commenters pointed out that the trio was late to address problems as it had been in previous controversies. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

About 140,000 users have unsubscribed from Psick Univ since May 16 after the trio was engulfed in controversy regarding an episode of its “Made in Gyeongsang” series. Netizens remarked that the video in question was a mockery of the rural community of Yeongyang County, North Gyeongsang. The trio apologized for the video seven days after upload, admitting that they'd been “immature” and claiming to have realized their “social responsibility as comedians.”

Soon after, Netizens took issue with a thumbnail image of the trio's interview with girl group IVE's singer Jang Won-young uploaded on May 5, claiming Jang's body had been arranged to cover parts of the Psick Univ logo in a way that made it appear to spell a profane phrase. Critics claimed only Jang's thumbnail had been edited in such a manner, while those of other episodes had not.

The thumbnail was changed on Monday for the purposes of what Psick Univ claimed in a pinned comment was “guest protection.” Netizens continued to criticize the channel for its belated reaction without a proper apology.

A now-deleted video with the title “My girlfriend at Burning Sun?” is going viral. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

No official comment has come from Psick Univ regarding the two additional controversies.

Despite the outcry, Psick Univ still had more than 3 million subscribers as of Tuesday afternoon.

Psick Univ began operating in 2019 and has become famed for comedy series such as “Made in Gyeongsang” and “Psick Show.” The team received Best Entertainment Show for TV at last year's Baeksang Arts Awards, becoming the first YouTube channel to do so.

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