Starship Entertainment reports online threat against IVE's Jang Won-young

Jang Won-young of girl group IVE [NEWS1]

Girl group IVE’s agency Starship Entertainment reported an online post threatening violence against IVE member Jang Won-young to the police and heightened security to protect its artists.

On Thursday, the agency explained through its social media how it responded to the threat made online on Wednesday.

“A post that threatened violence against IVE’s Jang Won-young was posted on an online community [platform] yesterday,” Starship Entertainment said.

“The post contained a specific date and time that the crime would be committed. The police have launched an investigation into the online user who uploaded the post after we filed a report to the National Police Agency."

“The agency has requested for protection for the artist and a prompt investigation," the company said. "We plan to take legal action against the perpetrator as soon as their identify is revealed.”

Starship Entertainment then said it increased the number of professional security personnel to guard its artists, and is checking over the security for artists’ travel routes and accommodation. It is also checking the security at the company headquarters.

The label additionally vowed to heighten its monitoring efforts of any activities that would threaten the safety of their artists and take strong legal action against such threats.

IVE recently released its second EP, “IVE Switch,” on April 29. Jang is currently carrying out promotional activities for the EP with the group.