Red Velvet's Wendy, Riize's Eunseok to star in 'Trolls Band Together' as couple

Wendy of girl group Red Velvet, right, and Eunseok of rookie boy band Riize [UNIVERSAL PICTURES]

Wendy of girl group Red Velvet and Eunseok of boy band Riize will be voicing the Korean version of the upcoming pop music animation "Trolls Band Together."

The two SM Entertainment singers will each take the voice-acting role of Poppy and Branch, the two protagonists of the jukebox musical comedy animation created by DreamWorks Animation.

Wendy, the Red Velvet member, took part as the Korean Poppy in "Trolls: World Tour" in 2021 and was applauded for her acting and singing skills. Eunseok will be joining the film for the first time after debuting as part of SM Entertainment's latest boy band Riize in September with "Get A Guitar."

"Trolls Band Together" revolves around the once-the-best Troll band, BroZone, which had become forgotten over the years after the bandmates, who are brothers, fall out. Branch, the youngest of the BroZone brothers, must gather the BroZone members to save one of his other brothers Floyd and bring the family harmony back.

The latest of the "Trolls" franchise is set to hit theaters in Korea on Dec. 20, three days after the U.S. opening. Original voice actors are Anna Kendrick for Poppy and Justin Timberlake for Branch.

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