Rookie boy band 82Major to embark on first world tour in latter half of 2024


Rookie boy band 82Major will embark on its first world tour in the latter half of 2024, the band’s agency Great M Entertainment said Wednesday.

The band will hold performances in more than 20 cities in Asia and North America as part of the tour. Specific dates and venues will be announced at a later date.

Rookie boy band 82Major will go on its first world tour in the latter half of 2024. [GREAT M ENTERTAINMENT]

The set list for the concerts will include songs “Choke,” “First Class” and “Sure Thing,” according to Great M Entertainment.

“Choke” is the lead track from 82Major’s first EP “Beat by 82,” which dropped on Monday. It was the band’s first music release in six months since its debut single “On” dropped in October last year. The members all participated in both the composition and lyrics of the songs on the EP.

The band held a busking performance at Gangnam Square on Sunday, the day before the EP’s release. They performed songs from the EP such as “Birthday,” “Illegal” and “82,” according to Great M Entertainment.

82Major will continue its promotional activities for the EP with a performance on Mnet’s music program “M Countdown” on Thursday.

82Major holds a busking performance at the Gangnam Square on Sunday to promote the band's first EP ″Beat by 82." [GREAT M ENTERTAINMENT]

82Major debuted on Oct. 11, 2023 as Great M Entertainment’s first boy band. The band’s name, 82Major, is a combination of 82, Korea’s international calling code, and the word major, reflecting 82Major’s aspiration to become a boy band that represents Korea, according to Great M Entertainment.

82Major has since released tracks mainly in the hip-hop genre, which its label says is 82Major’s standout feature. The band held its first concert, titled “82People,” in January, three months after its debut.

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