Rookie boy band Ampers&One aiming for first music show win

Boy band Ampers&One [FNC ENTERTAINMENT]

Just four months after their debut, rookie boy band Ampers&One's members are experiencing a series of firsts. With the release of their second single "One Hearted," they are eager to achieve another milestone: securing their first victory on a music show.

The three-track compilation “One Hearted” drops at 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Its lead track, “Broken Heart,” is a hip-hop dance track with a heavy bass line that depicts the feeling of one’s heart pounding like crazy after falling in love at first sight, according to the band's agency FNC Entertainment.

“Unlike our debut song ‘On and On,' our comeback [song] has much more powerful performances, so it was important that we worked in sync together,” Kamden said through FNC Entertainment's press release on Tuesday.

“When I heard the lead track, I got the feeling of falling into a hectic situation where everything moved fast, while I moved in slow motion in contrast like a main character,” Choi Ji-ho said.

Boy band Ampers&One [FNC ENTERTAINMENT]

Everything’s still pretty new for the band members, and the members are excited to show off new styles and try out new techniques.

“I bleached my hair for the first time in my life,” Choi Ji-ho said. “I got excited thinking of showing off our new sides to our fans.”

“In senior idols’ music videos and movies there are times when the camera takes really close-up shots of their faces,” Kyrell said.

“Whenever I saw them, I would think, 'The camera is really close, don’t they feel uncomfortable?’ It was my first time getting a close-up shot of the side of my eyes while filming for the music video and it was really difficult. I was careful about my facial expressions and even worried if my skin would look all right but I’m happy that the end result looks good.”

Boy band Ampers&One [FNC ENTERTAINMENT]

But the members are hungry for more and they’re willing to prove that they’re not just newcomers any more. Though everything was so new and there was much to learn during their debut, the members have used that experience to prepare a lot so that they can show off a more fun and relaxed side, according to Kyrell.

“I want to win a music program [with the single],” Choi Jiho said.

“We will show off a lot of great sides to us that you wouldn’t expect from a rookie,” Kim Seungmo said. “We will try our best so that even more people can come to like us.”

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