Shinhan University says claims of abuse against actor Lee Bum-soo are unsubstantiated


Shinhan University released results of its investigation into allegations actor Lee Bum-soo emotionally abused students in the Department of Performing Arts, where he is the dean.

The Shinhan University student council said Wednesday that all allegations against Lee were not substantiated by evidence.

“We have cross-checked and confirmed reports from the university’s internal investigation team, the department office and the department student council,” said the university-wide student council in a statement. “The allegation that Lee divided up students into groups based on income quintile was proven false. The groups were divided based on grades and students had the choice to request a transfer if they wished.”

The allegation that students were dropping out of school at a rate of 50 percent due to emotional abuse from Lee was also false, the student council said.

“We have been receiving anonymous information and conducting interviews with students from Nov. 4 but have not found any relevant evidence,” the council said.

“But we are taking into account the possibility of any reports or evidence that the council could have neglected thus far and will continue further investigations.”