[SHOWCASE] ITZY proves it was 'Born To Be' artists with eighth EP

ITZY dropped its eighth EP ″Born To Be″ on Monday. [JYP ENTERTAINMENT]

ITZY is coming in hot with its eighth EP “Born To Be,” promising its most powerful and impactful album yet.

“Our new album is so powerful, powerful to the extent that you’ll be able to taste the smell of the flame burning hot,” the group’s leader Yeji said during a press showcase held Monday in Yeouido, western Seoul, ahead of the EP's release.

“I think ‘Born To Be’ is an album where we had to get out of our comfort zones,” Yeji said. “We tried a lot of different genres and styles in our album.”

It's also an album where ITZY had to work with one less member, Lia, who is currently taking a break from group activities due to health issues. Though Lia was largely unable to participate in the album or its promotions, her solo track, "Blossom," is included in the album.

“It’s a precious and meaningful album [in that sense]: We have incorporated Lia’s parts in the album too,” Yeji said.

ITZY dropped its eighth EP ″Born To Be″ on Monday. [JYP ENTERTAINMENT]

The EP features 10 tracks, including five solo tracks from the five members of ITZY: “Crown On My Head” by Yeji, “Run Away” by Ryujin, “Mine” by Chaeryeong, “Yet, but” by Yuna and “Blossom” by Lia.

But the five solo tracks don’t mean that ITZY members have any imminent solo albums, according to the members.

“The thing I felt the most is that it’s difficult to fill an entire song just with my own voice; it makes me appreciate other senior artists like Twice, who released solo albums," Ryujin said. “While I would be thankful if I was given the opportunity, I would like to focus on our group activities now.”

“It was a time where I could feel how lacking I am, which is why I hope I can practice and improve upon myself, so I can grab the opportunity when it rises,” Chaeryeong said.

ITZY dropped its eighth EP ″Born To Be″ on Monday. [JYP ENTERTAINMENT]

The album's lead track “Untouchable” is a dance-pop score featuring strong guitar tunes alongside EDM sounds that sings of combatting the hardships of reality.

"It means that nobody can stop us," Yeji said.

“I liked ‘Untouchable’ the moment I first heard it,” Yuna said. “I think I was comforted by its lyrics myself, and that’s why I’m so excited for [the fans to enjoy it]. It’s a song that suits the image of confident ITZY.”

"We have the urge to answer to both our fans and the general public, to show the powerful performance that they expect from ITZY," Chaeryeong said. "I hope people love us more with our comeback."

Following the “Born To Be” promotions, ITZY will kick off its second world tour of the same name on Feb. 24 and 25 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium.

“I think concert performances make me really feel that I’m a ‘born to be’ artist; I hope to feel that again in our upcoming world tour,” Ryujin said.

“We hope you make our upcoming concert. We will have newly arranged tracks to perform,” Chaeryeong said. “I would like to invite you to our concert so you can see it for yourself!”

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