[SHOWCASE] IZ*ONE's Yena wishes the world a 'Good Morning' in latest solo EP

Singer Yena performs during a press showcase held Monday at Yes24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul. [NEWS1]

Singer Yena is back and bursting with energy, saying "Good Morning" to everyone for her third EP.

“I aim to bring hope and joy to all who listen to my latest album, 'Good Morning,'" Yena said during a press showcase for her third EP, on Monday at the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin District, eastern Seoul.

Yena, also known by her full name Choi Ye-na, debuted as part of 12-member project girl group IZ*ONE, from Mnet’s hit audition program “Produce 48.” The group disbanded in April 2020.

Yena's EP, which dropped the same day at 6 p.m., is the singer’s first album in seven months. Her latest release was “Hate XX,” from last June.

"'Good Morning' will be a great listen while heading to work or doing your morning exercises,” Yena said.

The title track, “Good Morning," is a pop punk and alternative rock genre, like many of her previous releases, that captures the energetic vibe of the singer and her powerful vocals.

The song is meant to send a hopeful message to listeners so they can have a "good morning," according to her agency Yuehua Entertainment.

Singer Yena poses for the camera during a press showcase held Monday at Yes24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul ahead of the release of her third EP ″Good Morning.″ [NEWS1]

"I've decided to pursue rock-based tracks with my solo releases because songs in the rock genre allow me to perform with joy on stage; I get a really warm reception from my fans too," Yena said. “I naturally realized that this is what makes me happy and what makes me a cool artist."

“There are a lot of fun elements that people can relate to [in the ‘Good Morning’ music video], such as welcoming my own ‘good’ morning by defeating the monsters on the way to the office," Yena said about her new music video for the title track.

The EP consists of four tracks of various genres — the title track, “Good Girls in the Dark,” “Damn U” and “The Ugly Duckling.”

“I tried to prepare songs that my fans and listeners can easily relate to,” Yena said. “I worked hard on expressing and interpreting the songs in the album.”

Yena took part in the production of two tracks — “Good Morning” and “The Ugly Duckling."

“I put a lot of thought in it and was cautious while preparing the songs in every aspect,” the singer said, referring to her previous album "Hate XX," which sparked controversy for negatively mentioning American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo in her song.

Singer Yena performs during a press showcase held Monday at Yes24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul. [NEWS1]

“The Ugly Duckling,” which the singer wrote and composed, is a biographical song of Yena as a singer, and also Yena's personal favorite song.

“'The Ugly Duckling’ has a special part in my heart as I participated in every inch of the song,” Yena said.

“I want to send hope and comfort through this song. The song also conveys a message to people around my age or those who are taking their first step into society.”

“I believe that this song will be one of the songs that showcase the deeper side of myself,” she added.

The album also marks the second anniversary of her solo debut, as the singer started her solo career on Jan. 17, 2022, with the EP "Smiley."

“Time really does fly. I feel sorry to my fans because I think that I didn’t have enough opportunities to meet my fans compared to my time as a singer. I plan to showcase various activities, including releasing good albums, to spread positive energy and influence to my fans.”