[SHOWCASE] Seola is first WJSN member to go solo, with 'Inside Out'

Girl group WJSN's Seola performs "Without U," the lead track from her first solo single "Inside Out," during a press showcase held at the Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, on Tuesday. [NEWS1]

An acoustic band performance, less dancing and self-production — Seola’s first solo single “Inside Out” is everything the singer wanted to show.

“People thought I’d be dancing when they heard that I was releasing a solo album, [but] I danced a lot as a member of WJSN. So I thought it would be refreshing to see me perform alongside a live band,” girl group WJSN’s Seola said during a press conference held Tuesday at the Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, ahead of the release of her first solo single “Inside Out” the same day.

“But it’s not like the Seola [that dances] is gone; I can show them more of her in the future.”

Seola’s first solo single “Inside Out” comes eight years after her debut with WJSN. She is also the first member of the group to release solo music.

“I wanted to show the color of my vocals and focus on the musicality in my solo album,” Seola said.

“Instead of being an artist that does things because I’m told to, or getting stuck inside a set of rules, I strive to be an artist who can put [her] own thoughts in the album, one who can deliver her own message to her fans.”

“It’s special to think on my own and put my own message in my album,” she added. “WJSN albums are not something I can work on alone — we have to consider all our members and the color of the group, and I think I was able to have a bit of fun doing what I want to do this time.“

Seola was heavily involved in the general production of her solo single. She participated in the lyric writing for her lead track “Without U” and “Let’s Talk (Loneliness)” and took part in both the songwriting and lyric writing for “No Girl.”

“I think I have my own ambiance, and I managed to put that all in my ‘Inside Out’ album,” Seola said.

“All three songs have a different mood, and I think they all represent a part of myself.”

The lead track “Without U” is an acoustic band-pop score that mixes Seola’s vocals with a live band in the background, while “Let’s Talk” sings of the feelings of loneliness in a more lighthearted way.

“'No Girl’ came to be when I was discussing the song production with the producer,” Seola said. “I kept on saying no to the suggestions, so the producer thought of the title ‘No Girl.’”

WJSN members are still her number one supporters, according to Seola.

“Eunseo was the first WJSN member to listen to my solo album when I invited her to my studio,” Seola said.

“As I played the song, I could hear Eunseo holding her tears, which in turn made me hold back my tears as well. […] She told me that she remembered the days when I first started writing songs, back when I shared a room with her.”

“My home still lies in WJSN, and I wanted to not give them a bad reputation. I need to show my full potential in my solo album in order for other members of WJSN to also release their solo albums.”