Singer and actor Seolhyun signs with IEUM#

Seolhyun [IEUM#]

Singer and actor Seolhyun, known as a former member of girl group AOA, has signed with IEUM# (pronounced “ee-eum-hashtag”), the agency said Thursday.

“Seolhyun has signed an exclusive contract with IEUM# and will embark on a new beginning,” the agency said in a statement.

“Seolhyun has not only a charming appearance, but has infinite potential as an actor. IEUM# will do everything to support Seolhyun so that she can exhibit her best ability and growth as an actor.”

Seolhyun, who debuted in July 2012 through girl group AOA, was a popular member of the group with a series of hit songs such as “Miniskirt” (2014), “Short Hair” (2014), “Like a Cat” (2014) and “Excuse Me” (2017).

She expanded her career to acting through the KBS drama series “Seoyeong, My Daughter” (2012-13) and starred in a variety of series and films such as “Orange Marmalade” (2015) on KBS, “My Country: The New Age” (2019) on JTBC, “Awaken” (2020-21) on tvN, “The Killer’s Shopping List” (2022) on tvN and films “Gangnam Blues” (2015) and “The Great Battle” (2018).

Seolhyun was with FNC Entertainment for a decade, successfully juggling the roles of both singer and actor. In recent years, she has focused on expanding her career as an actor.

As of last month, Seolhyun announced she would be leaving FNC, thus also departing from AOA.