Singer-songwriter You Hee-yul apologizes for plagiarizing song

Singer-songwriter, producer and TV personality You Hee-yul [JOONGANG ILBO]

Singer-songwriter, producer and TV personality You Hee-yul admitted to plagiarism claims and issued an apology on Wednesday.

"After reviewing allegations that the second track of 'Your Hee-yul's Life Music' project, 'A Very Private Night' was similar to Ryuichi Sakamoto's 'Aqua,' I realized that the main themes of the two songs are alike and have come to agree with the claims."

"A Very Private Night" (translated) was uploaded on You's entertainment agency Antenna's official YouTube page in September last year as part of the artist's "You Hee-yul's Life Music" (translated) series. On Tuesday, the agency received a complaint on Instagram that alleged the song was similar to Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Aqua" (1999).

You said that he is a longtime fan of Sakamoto and someone who has exerted a lot of influence on his music. "[Sakamoto's] music must have unconsciously been on my mind which led me to write the song in a similar manner to his," he said. "I thought the song was my own creative work when I was releasing it but [after reviewing the claims] I cannot deny the two songs' resemblance."

"I apologize for not reviewing my work more closely and I want to say sorry to Ryuichi Sakamoto's fans about this unfortunate happening," You added.

You was scheduled to release an LP comprised of eight tracks, including "A Private Night" this month. You said that the release of the LP has been postponed indefinitely and that issues such as credits of the song will also be sorted out.

You is a singer-songwriter and the founder of the entertainment agency Antenna Music.

Singer-songwriter and producer You Hee-yeol released an official statement of apology for plagiarizing Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto's song on June 15 [ANTENNA MUSIC]