Sistar’s subunit Sistar19 to drop single 'No More (Ma Boy)'

Teaser image of Sistar19's upcoming single ″No More (Ma Boy)″ [KLAP ENTERTAINMENT]

Girl group Sistar’s subunit Sistar19 will drop its single “No More (Ma Boy)” on Jan. 16, breaking its 11-year hiatus, its agency Klap Entertainment said Wednesday.

The duo’s last EP, “Gone Not Around Any Longer,” was released on Jan. 31, 2013.

The upcoming single’s concept will be an extended and upgraded version of its debut single, “Ma Boy,” its agency said in a news release.

Sistar19 consists of two members of the girl group Sistar — Hyolyn and Bora. The subunit debuted in 2011 with its first single, “Ma Boy,” following its EP “Gone Not Around Any Longer.” Both releases met with widespread acclaim.

Sistar debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2010. The girl group is best known for its summer-themed tracks such as “Touch My Body” (2014) and “Shake It” (2015). The group disbanded in 2017 after the expiration of its exclusive contract with the agency.

After disbanding, the members focused on their solo careers. Hyolyn established her own agency, Bridge Entertainment, and released several pieces of music, including her song, “This Love,” featuring Korean Canadian rapper Paul Blanco. Bora also started an acting career, performing in numerous TV shows such as SBS' drama “Dr. Romantic.”

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