Taekwondo star Na Tae-joo to release new single 'The Man'

Singer, actor and taekwondo practitioner Na Tae-joo [K-TIGERS ENTERTAINMENT]

Singer, actor and taekwondo practitioner Na Tae-joo released a new single titled “The Man” at 6 p.m. on Monday, his agency K-Tigers Entertainment said the same day.

The new release has the double lead tracks “Call Me Man” and “Became a Dragon.”

“Call Me Man” was produced by Seol Un-do, a veteran trot singer and composer, according to Na’s agency, and “Became a Dragon” is about becoming a better person thanks to the support and encouragement from Na’s fans.

Na will release music videos for both songs on the same day, a first for the singer.

Na gained his reputation as a singer after participating in “Mr. Trot,” TV Chosun’s trot competition show, in 2020, and made it into the top 14. He incorporated taekwondo moves into his trot performances during the show.

Na is a former taekwondo national representative and the winner of the KNSU Taekwondo competition in 2007. He holds a fourth-degree black belt.

As an actor, Na is known for his role of Tae-yang in “The Kick” (2011). He made his Hollywood debut in film “Pan” (2015), directed by Joe Wright.

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