'The Roundup: No Way Out' with Don Lee to premiere on May 31

Poster for ″The Roundup: No Way Out″ starring Don Lee [ABO ENTERTAINMENT, PLUSM ENTERTAINMENT]

“The Roundup: No Way Out” starring actor Don Lee will premiere in cinemas on May 31, distributors ABO Entertainment and PlusM Entertainment announced Wednesday.

“The Roundup: No Way Out” is the third entry in the “The Roundup” franchise, following “The Outlaws” (2017) and “The Roundup” (2022), a series of crime-action comedy films featuring Korean-American actor Don Lee, who is also the man behind the series' production.

Don Lee will play Ma Seok-do, a police detective assigned to the violent crime section who fights suspects. Ma will be taking on illegal drug trafficking organizations in the latest film.

The franchise has seen great success at the box office, with “The Outlaws” garnering 6 million in ticket sales, the fourth most successful Korean R-Rated film surpassing “Tazza: The High Rollers” (2006). “The Roundup” was the No. 1 most watched film of 2022 with 12 million in ticket sales.

Don Lee, commonly known by his Korean name Ma Dong-seok, starred in "Train to Busan" (2016), "Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days" (2018), "Eternals" (2021) in the Marvel franchise and more.