Trot singer Hong Jin-young to release an EP in December

Singer Hong Jin-young [ILGAN SPORTS]

Trot singer Hong Jin-young is set to release an EP in December, IMH Entertainment said Friday.

Before that, she will pre-release a single titled “You Were There” (translated) on Nov. 3, which is a song that has fused folk with country. Hong took part in writing the lyrics.

“Her last single ‘Viva La Vida,’ which dropped in April, showed up on charts on iTunes, Amazon Music and Billboard,” the agency said. “We believe that the overseas market is also looking forward to Hong’s new album.”

Hong is best known for her hit song “Love Battery” (2009).

In 2020, she admitted to allegations that she plagiarized her master’s thesis, and took an extended hiatus before returning to the spotlight earlier this year with “Viva La Vida.”