TV personality Park Su-hong’s older brother denies embezzlement charges

Television personality Park Su-hong [YONHAP]

Television personality Park Su-hong’s older brother, who is facing charges of embezzlement, denied most of the charges at the first hearing held on Monday at the Seoul Western District Court.

During Monday’s first hearing, prosecutors claimed that Park’s brother withdrew money from Park’s account or asked their father to do so, and used it without his permission. The embezzlement allegedly took place on a total of 381 occasions, for a total amount of around 2.9 billion won ($2.13 million).

Park’s brother also faces charges of embezzling money from Park’s agency, established to represent only Park, by fabricating expenses. He is suspected to have embezzled 61.7 billion won in total since 2011.

Park’s brother’s attorney denied the charges but admitted to paying for legal fees using the agency’s account, and also using the corporate credit card for personal use on a number of occasions.

Regarding accusations that he purchased a building with the agency’s expenses, Park’s brother said he will comment later.

The wife of Park’s brother is also accused of being involved in the embezzlement and is currently being prosecuted.

Park’s brother declined to speak to the press after the trial.