Tving series 'Bargain' invited to Canneseries competition

Tving original series ″Bargain″ (2022) was invited to the 2023 Cannes International Series Festival. [TVING]

Tving original series “Bargain” has been invited to compete at the sixth Cannes International Series Festival (Canneseries), the Korean streaming service announced Tuesday.

“Bargain” (2022) will be competing with 10 other series for five different awards: Best Series, Best Music, Best Screenplay, Best Performance and Special Interpretation Award. It is the first original series by a Korean streaming service to be nominated for the competition, said Tving.

Tving original series “Island” (2022-23) has also been invited to the festival's non-competition category.

Last year, “Work Later, Drink Now” (2021) and “Monstrous” (2022) were both invited to a non-competitive screening.

The sixth Cannes International Series Festival will be held in Cannes, France, from April 14 to 19.

“Bargain,” first released at the Busan International Film Festival on Oct. 6 last year, is a six-episode thriller series based on Lee Chung-hyeon’s 2015 film “Bargain.” The series, praised for its tense one-take scenes, revolves around the stories of three earthquake survivors engaging in “dangerous bargains” to survive the earthquake.