TvN’s hit entertainment show 'Earth Arcade' to return for second season

Poster for the first season of ″Earth Arcade″ (2022) [TVN]

TvN’s hit entertainment show “Earth Arcade” is returning for a second season, according to an official of the cable channel on Tuesday.

“We are currently in production for the second season,” the official told local news outlets. “The cast will be the same [as season 1.]”

The first season, which aired from June to September 2023, featured An Yujin of girl group IVE, Mimi of girl group Oh My Girl, comedian Lee Eun-ji and rapper Lee Young-ji as cast members.

“We are still planning, so the specific filming dates and locations are undecided," the tvN official added.

An ambitious project by star producer Na Yeong-seok, the show featured the four cast members as “warriors” who play various games and take on missions in order to “transcend time and space to capture the moon rabbit who has escaped to earth.”