Xanadu Entertainment vows legal action against fake news around Park Bo-ram's death

Singer Park Bo-ram [SCREEN CAPTURE]

The late singer Park Bo-ram’s agency, Xanadu Entertainment, vowed to take legal action against false and defamatory media content as the family members await the results of the singer's autopsy on Monday.

“Park Bo-ram has suffered from malicious comments based on unconfirmed news ever since she debuted,” the company said in a statement.

“The fake news currently being spread about her, even after her death, is an indisputably criminal act that is no different from causing a second death.”

Xanadu Entertainment said the singer’s family and friends were going through immense pain and shock following her death. The company demanded that all fake and falsely accusatory videos and posts about the singer be deleted, and warned that it will pursue civil and criminal cases should the acts continue.

Multiple videos containing false information made about the singer and her untimely death had been uploaded to social media channels, primarily YouTube, following Park’s death on Thursday.

Park died on Thursday evening at the age of 30. She had been drinking with friends before she was found unconscious in a bathroom. She was taken to the hospital but died approximately two hours after she was first discovered.

The autopsy, which had been scheduled for Saturday, was delayed and will take place on Monday. The singer’s funeral will reportedly take place after the autopsy.