YouTube couple known for their substantial age gap officially wed

Korean YouTubers behind the channel A Loving Couple, known for their 37-year age difference, officially became husband and wife. [LOVING COUPLE]

The pair behind YouTube channel A Loving Couple, known for their 37-year age difference, have officially tied the knot.

In a video uploaded on their channel on Sept. 29, the two announced that they registered their marriage and also showed their marriage certificate.

According to the certificate, the two were legally married on Sept. 27 in Donghae, Gangwon. The husband Jeon Dong-gi was born in 1984 and the wife Ok Sun-ja was born in 1947.

“We planned to have a simple wedding ceremony in September, but I don’t think we’ll be able to, due to financial circumstances,” said Ok. “I’m old, and my husband’s parents both passed away, so we have to get the money ourselves. So we became legally married first.”

“Based on official records, we have a 37-year age gap,” Ok continued, “but actually, it’s a 36-year difference. If I had children of my own, my husband would be around the same age as my youngest son.”

“Thank you to everyone who support us,” said Jeon. “This is the happiest and most meaningful day of my life.”

The two gained cult fame around 2020 for their considerable age gap and currently have over 4.6 million subscribers on YouTube.