Is Blackpink too slow or is K-pop just too fast?
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Every K-pop fandom hopes its artist’s next song will top the charts, but for girl group Blackpink’s fan club Blink, their hopes are a lot more humble — that there will be a next song.

Blackpink has made history with every new song it has released since debuting in 2016, earning the titles “biggest girl group in the world” from the Grammys, TIME magazine, Rolling Stone, Forbes and many more.

Just last September, it became the first ever K-pop girl group to top Billboard’s 200 albums chart with its second full-length album “Born Pink.” Earlier this month, the group’s music video for "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du" (2018) surpassed 2 billion views, marking the first time for a K-pop band to achieve the feat.

However, along with the shower of accolades that the band received with the “Born Pink” album was a recurring criticism; What took so long? It was the first new release to come from the group in two years since its last full-length album, “The Album.”

Ever since making a smash debut with “Whistle” (2016) from its EP “Square One,” Blackpink has been known to take its time when it comes to dropping new music.

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