Girl group H1-KEY to release first EP 'Rose Blossom' Thursday

Album cover for girl group H1-KEY's ″Rose Blossom″ [GLG]

K-pop girl group H1-KEY will release its first EP “Rose Blossom” at 6 p.m. Thursday, the group’s agency Grand Line Group (GLG) announced on the same day.

“Rose Blossom” is the first EP released by H1-KEY after its debut. The songs on the EP will relay the message that it is not easy for everyone to face limitations, but that those who pursue their dreams and hopes stubbornly will blossom, according to GLG.

Unlike H1-KEY’s previous works “Athletic Girl” and “RUN,” “Rose Blossom” will focus on inner strength, being healthy and having a positive mind, the agency said.

The first track on the album, “Ring the Alarm,” will feature a sequence of an alarm ringing and staring your day, while the last song on the album “Dream Trip” will show the end of a day’s work, bringing the concept of the album to a full circle of a person’s day, the agency explained.

H1-KEY has also collaborated with various artists for “Rose Blossom.” Young K of Day6 wrote the lyrics for the title song “A Rose Blossoming Between Buildings” (translated), while Exy of WJSN wrote and composed the song “Dream Trip.”

H1-KEY debuted on Jan. 5 last year with “Athletic Girl” and comprises of four members; Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo and Yel.