WJSN's Seola will go solo in January


Seola of girl group WJSN will launch her solo career in January next year, her agency, Starship Entertainment, said Friday.

Seola will be the first solo debut among WJSN members since the group first became active in 2016.

Seola actively participated, not only as the main vocalist, but also as a songwriter and composer, in WJSN’s track “New ME” from its ninth EP, “Unnatural,” (2021) and “Our Garden” in its eighth EP, “Neverland” (2020).

She also took part in soundtracks, including the song “100 percent” for web drama “Best Mistake 3” (2021-2022) and the track “Lover” for drama “Summer Strike” (2022).

WJSN debuted in 2016 and has 10 members: Exy, Seola, Bona, Soobin, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung, Luda and Dawon and is best known for its hit “As You Wish” (2019).

Seola currently participates in various fields, including her YouTube Channel, “Seola’s Moments,” which has 34K followers, and KBS Cool FM's “StationZ,” which has been airing every Tuesday since last April.

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